The Old Silk Road – The India Branch

A branch of the old Silk Road (2000 years ago) passed over the mountains near Gangtok, and you can follow it still today. It’s the branch from China to India on the map below.

Silk Route

from Wikipedia

The journey through Sikkim is spectacular, especially near Zuluk, where the road twists and turns on its climb  to Nathula pass at the border with China (Tibet):

Zuluk E Sikkim on Silk Road

Image credit: Team BHP



Image credit: silk-route.preview_Somnath_IndiaMike


Zuluk on Silk Road, Sikkim

Image credit: TamuTour.

Looks like quite a journey, even today!

(images from Wikipedia,, an India Mike post, and Tamu Tours)

See the Sikkim Silk Route tourism site for some local destinations on the route.

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Spafford Ackerly

Spafford Ackerly

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